Yuasa YBX3069 Car Battery SEALED 12V 70AH

Yuasa YBX3075 Car Battery Sealed 12V

  • £70.10

Approximately 30,000 starts

Sealed tip/tilt double lid -

Reduces water loss by up to 30%

VDA roll over test compliant* Calcium/Calcium plates Integrated carrying handle & flame arrestor State of Charge Indicator (SOCI) OE Quality,

Performance & Specification Performance Up to 20% increase in cranking power**


Case Type LB2

Voltage 12V

Capacity at 20-hour Rate (Ah) 60

Cold Cranking Performance (Amps) EN1 550

Mean Weight with Acid (kg) 13.9

Cell Layout 0

Terminal T1

Recommended Charge Rate (Amps) 4

Handles Yes

End-Venting Yes

State of Charge Indicator Yes

Capacity Ah (20-HR) 60

Terminal Type T1

Length (mm) 243

Width (mm) 175

Height (mm) 175

NCC Class N/A

Feature Range YBX3000 SMF Batteries Related Products