Volkswagen T-Cross, 2019 Witter Fixed Swan Towbar VW99

  • £176.00

Witter Fixed Swan Towbar


For Volkswagen T-Cross SUV (All variants) 2019 

The swan neck towbar design is generally perceived is more slick but no additional accessories can be installed. Most towball mounted bike carriers are suitable for this type of towbar but be aware that this means that you cannot tow at the same time. Due to its less intrusive design this type of towbar is less likely to set off parking sensors when your car is not in towing mode. The towbar neck of this Witter towbar type may be able to be upgraded to a Witter detachable neck.


Technical Details

Ec Type Approved Yes
Ec Type No 55R-01/06 11737
Number Plate Obscured No
Towball Witter Fixed Swan Towbar
S Value (kg) 70
D value (kN) 7.90
Cycle Carrier Option 2, 3 and 4 Bike Carriers incl ZX404 and ZX89
Bumper Cut Not Visible
Bumper Cut WxD(mm) 230 x 70
Drilling No
Alko Compatible Yes
Bumper Removal Yes

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