Scorpion ST62 Track Marine SVT System (Supply and fit only)

Scorpion ST62 Track Marine SVT System (Supply and fit only)

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As a insurance requirement a registered Scorpion installer/Dealer has to do the installation upon purchase details will be sent to a local installer/dealer in your area.



Stolen Vehicle Tracking system, Thatcham Cat 6

Why Choose ScorpionTrack?

  • Award Winning vehicle tracking device, including Security Product of the Year 2012-13
  • Insurance Approved
  • Cheaper Insurance
  • British Designed and Manufactured - Best British Product
  • 24Hr Monitoring by Scorpion European Control Centre based in Britain
  • Technologically Advanced System - Developed with high recovery rate performance in mind
  • From Scorpion Automotive, a Trusted Brand established in Vehicle Security since 1973

ScorpionTrack Features

  • Free Vehicle Battery & Tracker tamper alarm included
  • Free low vehicle battery txt alert
  • Industry leading 120 days battery life, that is recharged upon starting of the vehicle
  • Free live location pinging on demand via website and smart phone friendly website
  • Online paperless registration
  • Two year warranty
  • European coverage included as standard
  • 24Hr Monitoring by our specialist Stolen Vehicle Monitoring Team
  • Now with - KeyGuard technology


ujack  Designed and Built by Scorpion in the UK,
ScorpionTrack Marine Stolen Boat Tracker actively protects your craft against illegal movement using GPS geo-fence technology.

Upon continuous movement of your vessel a text alert will be sent to your chosen mobile device. Pinpoint location of your vessel is then accessible online via personal computer or Smartphone devices. Your vessel will be displayed on a map with pin-point detail enabling you to locate it or pass details to any policing or recovery authority.

ScorpionTrack Marine Stolen Boat Tracker actively protects your craft against illegal movement using GPS geo fence technology along with latest technology movement detection hidden within the craft.

Once armed, any movement whether stored on land or moored on water will cause ScorpionTrack to discretely notify the owner of movement along with location via a txt message.

The pin-point location details along with movement alert will enable the owner to clarify the crafts location via their personal online account via Smartphone or PC equipment.

The user is able to choose between moored or land stored modes thus ensuring optimum battery standby time along with optimum protection for both types of storage environments. In addition to these protection modes, a switchable key guard facility is also available for additional protection guarding against key theft and the craft being moved with ignition on.

In addition to the above, Battery disconnection and low craft battery alerts will add to security and convenience offering further value for money.

ScorpionTrack has full support for hand held tablet devices such as the Apple iPad and Android.


ScorpionTrack Subscriptions ST62


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5 year Subscription


Monthly on-line payment

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