Solar Powered Battery Optimiser 2.4W

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As recommended by the AA 

Never get caught with your battery flat again with this invaluable piece of equipment.

Keep your battery 'topped up' at all times with our Solar Battery Charger.

Ideal for cars, boats, caravans and motorcycles



  • Top-up the car battery whilst the car is inactive
  • No need to worry about starting your car due to a dead battery
  • No need to disconnect the charger at night
  • Supplied with both crocodile clips and cigarette lighter connections
  • 2.5m of lead
  • With built in blocking diode to prevent reverse charging
  • Size: 355mm x 185mm x 12mm

Please note

When using the cigarette lighter connection there must be a live feed to the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle when the engine is switched off for the Solar Battery Optimiser to work. If this is not the case you will need to use the crocodile clip connectors instead. 


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