Scorpion 12v Transponder Immobiliser IMMOB01

Scorpion 12v Transponder Immobiliser IMMOB01

  • £58.00

Single cut transponder immobiliser potted

Light Goods – Cars, Vans – 12V

The Scorpion range of security systems covers the passenger and light commercial vehicle security market as well as the heavy goods vehicle security sector which incorporates a wide range of products to protect your vehicle and their loads.
These systems are widely used with a large selection of prestige vehicles in the original equipment market as well as in the after-market security industry. All Scorpion products carry up to a 24 Month Warranty.


  • 2 Year warranty

Transponder Immobiliser Scorpion IMMOB01

Single cut transponder immobiliser potted

The Scorpion security system is a sophisticated transponder immobiliser. The transponder tag is a small transmitting device which when introduced within the proximity of the vehicles ignition sends a unique code which the immobiliser responds to and allows the bike to start, without the correct transponder tag the bike will not start. The system also incorporates an instrument/tail light mounted red LED to indicate the status of the system as well as acting as a visual deterrent.
The system arms automatically when the ignition is turned off and the keys removed from the ignition (with the transponder tag attached to the keys), the system will then go into a pre-arming state and the red LED will illuminate. During this period, (approximately 20 seconds), the ignition can be switched back on, cancelling the pre-arm allowing the vehicle be started. After 20 seconds has elapsed, the immobiliser will arm and the red LED will now flash indicating the motorcycle is now immobilised.
Inserting your keys (with the transponder tag attached) into the ignition will result in the red LED extinguishing when turning the ignition on, indicating that the vehicle can now be started.


An immobiliser system, providing single circuit immobilisation protection
Supplied with a coded transponder tag
Red status LED


The included coded transponder tags with an excess of 18 trillion different tag code combinations available (programmable, water and shock resistant. (Lost or stolen transponder tags can also be programmed out)
Single circuit immobilisation (15 amp continuous)
Passive immobilisation occurs 20 seconds after turning off the ignition
Short circuit protection


Four transponder tags can be programmed in at any one time
Passive immobilisation
Visual status LED