Scorpion Track Driver – S7 – Cars, LCV’s, HGVs (supply and fit only)

Scorpion Track Driver – S7 – Cars, LCV’s, HGVs (supply and fit only)

  • £349.99


As a insurance requirement a registered Scorpion installer/Dealer has to do the installation upon purchase details will be sent to a local installer/dealer in your area.

The ScorpionTrack Driver S7 is a sophisticated GPS tracking system that has been awarded Thatcham Category s7 accreditation 

GPS accurate to within 10 metres
European coverage included as standard
Tow-away & tamper alerts
Multi-Network Roaming SIM for exceptional coverage & reliability
Low vehicle battery text alert
Location on demand via the internet or smartphone
24/7/365 Non Automated Theft Monitoring
Mobile App – IOS and Android
Thatcham & Insurance Company approved
28 day health check
Transferable from one vehicle to another
Online paperless registration
3 year warranty
Suitable for 12 volt or 24 volt vehicles
Flexible Subscription Options
Low Current Draw (<1ma with ign. Off, in sleep)


ScorpionTrack Subscriptions






Monthly Subscription  £9.95
1 year Subscription  £109.95
2 years Subscription £195.95
3 years Subscription £279.95
4 years Subscription £329.95
5 years Subscription £369.95

All of the above subscription charges include VAT @ 20%