Pro Intelligent Battery Charger 20A - 12V

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The Sunshine series of switching mode 3 stage (IUoU) chargers is designed for wet, sealed, calcium-calcium and gel batteries.

They have 3 selections of bulk (with absorption) charges and 3 float charge voltages making a total of 9 combinations of charging profiles. This is to ensure a safe, fast and complete charge as required by different types of batteries.

The also have a soft start bulk charge at about 50% of full rated current for when batteries have been depleted to less than 10.5V open circuit voltage this gives a gentle initial charge for deeply exhausted batteries.

The 20A Model LCHA20A has an auto operational fan, it also has dual outputs for charging two batteries simultaneously. In addition to the standard short circuit, over temperature, reverse polarity protections, it has an OVP (output over-voltage protection) to ensure complete protection of your battery.



  • 3 Stage (IUoU) Switching Mode Battery Charger
  • 3 Selectable Bulk Absorption Charge Settings - for Gel, Wet or Calcium-Calcium lead acid batteries.
  • 3 Selectable and independent Float Voltage Settings a total of 9 combinations of adaptive 3 Stage Charging profiles for all types of VRLA (sealed), wet lead acid, SLI (car) and deep cycled lead acid batteries.
  • The Battery can be connected to the charger indefinitely.
  • Automatic Soft Start Bulk Charge for a deeply exhausted battery to ensure safe and gentle charging of heavily depleted deep cycle and car batteries.
  • LED indicators for Bulk, Absorption, Float, Fault and Power-On.
  • Dual Positive Outputs for simultaneous charging of two batteries.
  • Selectable Charge Current: FULL(20A) / 1/2(10A)      
  • Power On/Off Switch
  • Automatic Fan
  • Full Charger & Battery Protection
  • Wide Input Tolerance for fluctuating mains voltage - operates well from 190V to 260V.
  • AC cable fitted with UK plug
  • DC Cable fitted with terminal rings (length 500mm)
  • Optimal Battery Capacity Range: 30AH to 200AH

Charger Protection

  • Overload Protection                                                                                                 
  • Short Circuit Protection                                                                                             
  • Reverse Polarity Protection (Circuit & Fuse)                                                        
  • Over Temperature Protection                                                                                
  • OVP (Output Over-Voltage Protected)                
  • Auto operational Fan

Battery Protection

Over voltage protection, protects the battery from excessive over voltage from the charger output.

Size mm (W x H x D):  113 x 62 x 190

Weight: 990g

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