Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12V/30A - 3 Output - UK Plug

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The 30A Blue Smart IP22 6-stage battery charger with built-in Bluetooth is a professional quality charger featuring microprocessor controlled ‘adaptive’ charging technology. The battery management software monitors the way the battery is used and automatically optimises the charging process to suit the usage pattern, so maintaining your battery in the best possible condition. This model has 3 positive outputs and a common negative output, allowing 3 independent batteries (or banks) to be charged simultaneously.

This smart, multi-stage charger operates at up to 93% efficiency and generates up to 4x less heat than some other comparable chargers. When the battery is fully charged and has not been used for 24 hours, storage mode kicks in and power consumption drops to less than 0.5W. Cooling is achieved by a near-silent fan and the unit is fully protected against over-temperature, short circuit and reverse polarity. 

Built-in Bluetooth allows you to monitor the status of your charger via any Android or Apple device or laptop and all settings of the charger can be configured with the VictronConnect app. 

Suitable for all lead acid batteries (particularly leisure or 'deep-cycle' batteries) and Lithium-ion batteries used in caravans, motorhomes, campervans, cars, boats, off-road, industrial and commercial vehicles 

Recommended for batteries with a capacity in the range of 150 - 250Ah (or up to around 300Ah in total if charging multiple batteries). 


  • 6-stage adaptive charging (Test - Bulk - Absorption - Recondition - Float - Storage)  
  • High efficiency and low heat generation 
  • Charges all lead-acid batteries (flooded, AGM, Gel) and Lithium-Ion batteries 
  • NIGHT and LOW setting - reduces to 50% nominal output and no-fan for silent operation 
  • Near-silent fan 
  • Over-temperature protection 
  • Short-circuit protection for DC output Reverse polarity protection for AC input (ATO blade fuse) 
  • Green LED to indicate Power ON 
  • Yellow LED for charge status indication (Bulk-fast blinking / Absorption-slow blinking / Float-solid / Storage-off) 
  • Screw terminals for connection 
  • Can be used as a power supply when no battery is connected 
  • Charger reduces output current at high temp rather than shut-down 
  • Setup, configuration and monitoring by Bluetooth connection 
  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty 


  • Input voltage rating: 180 - 265V AC 
  • Output voltage (Absorption/Float/Storage): 14.2-14.7/13.5-13.8/13.2-13.5 VDC 
  • Max. charge current: 30A 
  • NIGHT or LOW charge current: 15A 
  • No. charging stages: 6 (adaptive) 
  • 'No load' power consumption: 0.5W 
  • Operating temperature: -20ºC to +50ºC (full rated output up to +30ºC, then output reduces) 
  • Cooling method: Fan-assisted  
  • Mains connection: BS1363 UK 3-pin plug on 1.5m cable 
  • Battery connection: Screw clamp terminals for max. 13mm2 cable (note: output cables and connections not included) 
  • Ingress Protection rating: IP22 
  • Body material: Aluminium (blue RAL5012) 
  • Mounting holes: (download Enclosure dimensions below for full details) 
  • Weight: 1.3kg 
  • Overall dimensions: 235 (L) x 108 (W) x 65 (H) mm 

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