Avon 10W Solar Fencer Assist Kit 12V

  • £73.66

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The AVON Solar Fencer Assist Kit is the latest quality product to be launched by BBL Batteries. Designed in-house, the AVON Solar Fencer Assist kit solves an age old problem encountered by many Solar Panel users, “how do I position my solar panel to ensure I maximise it’s performance?” This, easy to assemble, portable kit will always ensure that your panel is positioned perfectly. Included in the kit is a premium quality Solar Panel either 5W, 10W or 20W and the components that when assembled offer the perfect framework which will enable you to position your Solar Panel wherever you are and whatever your application. Whether in a field to ensure your electric fence battery is kept topped up, or next to your caravan when you are not hooked up or indeed next to your camping set up to keep your camping battery topped up, the AVON Solar Fencer Assist Kit gives you the freedom to be both mobile and effective with your Solar set up.

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