Avon Smart Charger 12V 8Amp AC1280IC

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Avon 12v 8Amp Smart Charger

8A 12V electronic smart charger fully automatic powerful smart charger recommended for a wide range of vehicles
Suitable for vehicles up to 5L (5000cc)
For use with batteries 1.2Ah - 192Ah in capacity (Lead Acid & AGM)
9 stage charging cycle - automatically detects the battery voltage and condition before diagnosing, charging and reconditioning the battery
LCD display showing charging information (battery voltage; charging current; % of full battery capacity)
Reverse polarity, short circuit and open circuit protection
1.5m output leads fitted with insulated crocodile clips
LED error indicator for reverse polarity, short circuit or open circuit
Wall mountable robust case
Suitable for start/stop vehicles
High frequency charger - does not have a transformer
Supplied in modern display packaging

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