10A MPPT Charge Controller Triron Series

10A MPPT Charge Controller Triron Series

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MPPT Solar controllers (Maximum Power Point Tracking) can intelligently regulate the working voltage of solar panels, letting the solar panels always work at Maximum Power Point of V-A curve. Compared with ordinary solar controller, this MPPT controller can increase the efficiency of PV modules by 10% to 30%.

This series of controllers can effectively prolong the lifecycle of batteries, significantly improve the system performance and gives all-round electronic protection, including overcharging and over-discharge protection to minimise damage to system components caused by incorrect installation or system failure, this effectively ensures a safer and more reliable solar power system.


  • MPPT function
  • Compatible with lead acid & lithium-ion batteries
  • 5VDC dual USB outputs
  • Built in display
  • Optional 2m wired remote display
  • Microprocessor controller pulse width modulation (PWM) charging
  • Overload protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Lightning protection
  • Reverse discharge protection
  • Reverse polarity connection protection
  • Under voltage protection
  • Rated battery voltage 12/24vdc
  • RJ45 communication port for optional remote meter



  • Max Rated Charging Current: 10 amps
  • Max Rated Load Current: 10 amps
  • Rated Solar Charge Power: 130 Watts @ 12V - 260 Watts @ 24V
  • Max. PV Array Power: 390W / 12V - 780W/24V
  • Max Input Voltage: 60Vdc
  • MPPT Efficiency: 99.5%
  • Self Consumption: ≤14mA/12V - ≤15mA/12V
  • System Voltage: 12V/24V Auto-set
  • Working Temperature: -35° to +55°
  • Battery Selection: Gel, Sealed, Flooded, Lithium-ion
  • Enclosure: IP30
  • Temperature Compensation: -30mV/°C/12V @ 25°C
  • Control Mode: MPPT Charging
  • Max PV Wire Size: 6mm²

Dimensions: 150mm x 216mm x 56.7mm

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