UPS Inverter Chargers 24V

An Inverter Charger will provide an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). When mains power is available, household appliances draw power directly from the mains power (National Grid) and the built in smart battery charger will monitor and maintain the charge in your batteries. If mains power fails, the unit automatically switches over to an external 24 volt battery source to power connected equipment with voltage and frequency-controlled AC power giving you a stable power supply for running your electrical appliances during power outage.


Inverter Charges & Grid Tied Solar Systems

For those with with a grid tied solar system at home if you do not use the power generated during the day (you are at work for instance) rather than pushing power back into the National Grid an Inverter Charger will automatically utilise this power charging a battery bank through the day so you can enjoy the benefits of free power at night and reduced electricity bills. 

All our Inverter Chargers are pure sine wave inverters and generate an output voltage wave form that has a very low harmonic distortion like mains supplied electricity. This means they are more suited for sensitive electronic equipment, allowing motors to run faster, quieter and cooler, preventing computer crashes, noises & glitches in monitors, TV, Game consoles etc in short a Pure Sine Wave Inverter will provide a reliable power source for all electronic appliances & devices.

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